Kappa Supports The Western United Cup

Kappa Australia is very excited to support current Australian Champions and long-term Kappa club Western United in their efforts to promote women’s football.

The Women’s World Cup is just over a year away and it is full steam ahead for everyone involved with women’s football. Kappa Australia looking to break down barriers for girls participating in football. 

As a long-time promoter of women’s football through such events as the KAPPA Cup we are one of the few apparel brands producing specific women’s playing gear that is designed for women’s bodies. 

The fabric and cut of the garments are designed to fit women properly. No more inappropriately sized and shaped men’s gear for our future Matildas. 

If you or your club is interested in joining winning teams like Western United, South Melbourne FC, George Cross FC and Calder United in wearing Kappa please talk to the guys at the Kappa tent who will be only too happy to show you the full Kappa Range.

Come and see us at the Kappa tent to pick up your Kappa match ball and make sure we see you at the Kappa Crossbar challenge with the winner getting a Western United Kappa pack.